Capillary Therapy With Vitamin K 維生素K微細血管治療DermoFuture




治療密封細胞維生素K 1%維生素K GAIN血管和減少發紅 1%維生素K 濃度快速舒緩並減少皮膚發紅的嚴重程度,和所述突出擴張 與維生素K具有密集再生和皮膚調理劑組分的獨特性質的治療。它們密封血管壁,防止其過度膨脹並降低其可見度。由於維生素K的含量高(1%),因此迅速減少了發紅和淤青,摩洛哥堅果油可以最佳地滋養,增加表皮的硬度和彈性。 處理措施: •加強並密封已削弱的血管壁 •減少血管的可見度 •防止血管過度擴張 •刺激修復過程 •再生刺激 使用說明:晚上塗於清潔的臉部,頸部和乳溝上,輕輕按摩。吸收製劑後,塗抹晚霜。 容量:20毫升 Treatment of sealed cells vitamin K 1% vitamin K GAIN blood vessels and reduced redness 1% quickly soothes the vitamin KW concentration and reduces the severity of skin redness, and the prominent expansion Treatment with vitamin K has a unique property of intensive regeneration and skin conditioning ingredients. They seal the vessel wall, preventing it from over-expanding and reducing its visibility. Due to the high vitamin K content (1%), redness and bruising are rapidly reduced, and argan oil can be optimally nourished, increasing the hardness and elasticity of the epidermis. Treatment measures: • Strengthen and seal weakened blood vessel walls • Reduce the visibility of blood vessels • Prevent excessive blood vessel expansion • Stimulate the repair process • Regeneration stimulation Instructions for use: Apply to the clean face, neck and cleavage at night and gently massage. After absorbing the preparation, apply a night cream. Capacity: 20 ml #vitaminK #維生素K #濃度高 #快速舒緩 #減少皮膚發紅 #刺激修復 #再生刺激

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